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Originally Posted by neralex View Post
Maybe not for you but maybe for all they know how a user-agent works.

Originally Posted by sqgl View Post
the Linode server connections to my station (both 128kbps and 96kbps) are listed at
The same Linode server IP address also is responsible for listing my tracks and carrying a 96kbps play button at and I now notice that if I ban their proxy IP from listening, the playlist indeed stops updating... unless someone/I is/am tuned in via their web site in which case it gets the tracklist from that listener/me even if the listener/I hit the stop button (it just pretends to disconnect but continues monitoring for song titles). Clever!

Am yet to discover which site Zen is feeding my 64kbps stream but I guess it is unimportant, your theory looks verified enough.

Remixing listener requests of ambient tracks live

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