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Hi Neebster

Thanks for asking; I am an electrical engineer, and learned programming with a beautiful language: Pascal. It was always self-learning to me, and I never abandoned it. My interest was always more on algorithms than applications, user interfaces or communications... the web ! - oh leave me alone.

I discovered milkdrop by chance. With programming skills rusty and hopelessly outdated, the wysiwyg way to program shaders - which I never had heard of - was just overwhelming. I had had no clue things like that were possible.
I got into it, by tinkering, try and error, self learning, a lot of patience and perseverance. The mathematical background from the studies was certainly helpful, notably for the spatial rotations and matrix operations in pixies party. But with hindsight, fascination and perseverance were probably the main factors. I spent far more time with milkdrop than what most others would consider sane... and guess that is it, more or less.

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