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Talking Volume Slider using regions

// regionvolume.m
// Example of an volume slider using regions
// based on the Animated Volume Script created by RhinoTrip (i think)
// and FrisbeeMonkey's volume.m.
// Special thanks to DirtyLowMoFo's Beat Meter for showing me how to use regions right.
// created by Da_Pipe

// 1. Define the following in your XML:
// <layer id="Volume" image="player.layer.volume" x="?" y="?" w="?" h="?" move="0"/>

// Change the position(x,y) and size(w,h) of "Volume" to the specifics
// of your layer.
// 2. Define your gradient map with your other elements using:
// <bitmap id="" file="player/player-map-volume.png"/>
// If you need help creating a map file, check:
// 3. Make sure your ticker is called "SongTicker" and is in the same group as
// "Volume". If you don't have a ticker, add one now.
// 4. Copy this script (and volume.maki) to your scripts folder.
// 5. If you don't have volume.maki, compile this script.
// 6. Add this line to the group that contains your animated layer
// <script id="regionvolume" file="scripts/regionvolume.maki"/>
// 7. Refresh your skin(F5) and try it out.
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