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winamp crash - preferences - Playlist File Remover

I'm using Jammix enhancer 03 for a long time and never had any problems, but lately, with the latest version, it crashes Winamp when I access Preferences if the Jammix presets folder exists in C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\
I've tested it many times, and it behaves the same, even if the Jammix plug-in is disabled.
Renaming/moving/deleting the Jammix presets folder solves the issue.

Digging more into the problem, and using a plug-in-less installation of Winamp, i tried the plug-ins i had one by one. And I found that Winamp crashes Preferences only when I use Playlist_File_Remover_v2_5_Beta_1.exe

xp sp3, winamp 5581, fresh install

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