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sc_trans, playlist with remote URL?

I remember reading something in beta drop5 that sc_trans2 could or would support remote url's in the playlist. Now running drop40 I do not see that this is an option.
there are applications like SAM broadcaster that do this very thing in your playlist you can point to a remote URL of a mp3 . not that SAM and sc_trans need to be exactly the same since SAM is over $300 and bloated for what it does

Two methods documented for remote scripts

#!/bin/perl /home/user/


#!php call track script
#!php call commercial script

assuming returns c:\barfoo.mp3 1, then barfoo.mp3 is played NEXT?

It would be awesome if you could point to url using something like
#!curl get
#!php get

or even having
#and so on.

More , sorry. This doesn't seem to be documented well at all .
#!php call track script
#!php call commercial scrip
I assume this would really translate to #!php c:\scripts\php\trackscript.php or similar??

if it returns c:\music\foobar.mp3 1 , I assume this coming soon would tell sc_trans that c:\music\foobar.mp3 is really NEXT, whereas foobar.mp3 3, the coming soon is 3 tracks later ??

feedback is greatly needed.

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