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Daz, team and forum peeps..

This does work somewhat.

Im being very crafty but I can see a issue with how this works.

1- It expects the program/script you call to exit and have the following output

full/path/to/file.mp3 INTEGER

/usr/hackerdork/music/dazrocks.mp3 3 (meaning it is in queue coming soon , 3 tracks later

2- no method to fetch remote urls as it leads to playlist crash
#!/usr/bin/curl http://remote/site/dazrocks.mp3

as curl will output the results of the transfer, you can redirect the output to /dev/null but this still leads to crash PLAYLIST IS EMPTY, even when the playlist is not empty

3- timing. sc_trans expects an also instant value to be returned ,so if your script takes 15 seconds for example sc_trans is thinking PLAYLIST IS EMPTY

my craftyness may just lead to writing a php script that transfers the remote file to a locate file e.g /usr/hackerdork/music/remotefile.mp3 and just have this referenced as the php output. This however can be horried if the links to the external file are slow, like what you see on for example

Would love to have a similar function I used in SAM broadcaster playlists

URL of next file

great for pulling in podcasts from remote sites or news without having to store the mp3 files on the local machine.

more coding and testing , I will get back to you...

- Jeff

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