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SC_Trans causing frequent buffering client-side

I've searched endlessly for a couple weeks now and have not been able to find a solution for this, or really even anyone else having this problem so I'm finally posting about it myself.

I'm using SC_Trans 2 Beta Drop 40 on a VPS, and listeners are getting frequent buffering. Now there are a number of oddities that don't seem to make any sense together so I'm just going to put them in a list:

- First, I know it's an issue with SC_Trans because if I eliminate it from the equation (connect a source like EdCast directly to the server, instead of to the transcoder) the problem goes away.
- This is happening with both sc_serv 2 beta, and the stable DNAS 1.9.8
- The length of the buffer varies from listener to listener, as well as the frequency though the time between buffers seems to be random and sporadic. This is happening to ALL listeners, but some more than others.
- The VPS has a 100Mbit connection, which is barely being touched so there is no risk of it being an actual bandwidth issue. Listeners also typically have 5Mbit+ connections.
- Log files show absolutely nothing. No indication of any errors, buffering, anything of the sort. All that shows up in the logs is the usual source and client connections.

I'm completely stumped. I COULD just not use the transcoder since that eliminates the problem, but I've not found any other way to handle remote DJs/scheduling/Auto playlists as nicely as the SC_Trans does.

Halp? Thanks in advance!
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