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FLAC ALAC M4A madness!

I am wanting to transcode my FLACs to ALAC, so they are viable in mac/istuff. I want my tags to be intact via the process as well. I have no idea how to do this.

in the below thread from posts 75 to 82 it is discussed, but I didn't want to keep pulling that thread off topic and I thought it deserved its own thread:

so my confusion is:

1. do I need winamp essentials or not?
1a. if I need it, what bit of it do I need as I don't want to install all of it?
1b. if I need it or not, what changes to plugin filetypes exts in prefs do I need to make?
2. do I need the files to have the m4a extension, in order to preserve tags, (including the flac ratings which can go in the %rate% atom using the same 0-100 scale)?
3. how do I actually transcode from flac to alac so it gets the proper extension and retains all the tags?

this is probably simpler than it appears, but I have basically no exp with alac, m4a, or transcoding within winamp.


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