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ok, all this is way over my head. but here's what I see, and tell me where i'm going wrong...

apparently, right now, winamp can handle decoding alac if it's in a m4a container. based on the posts in your opus thread, its not clear to me if you actually need something out of winamp essentials or not to do that, but either way, it seems it can be done.

that suggests to me that the decoding part is done, and the tag handling could be handled by winamps built-in m4a/mp4 ability. is this correct? or am I way off base?

if true, that would suggest to me that only an encoder is needed, and the same m4a/mp4 tag handling could apply to that encoder, as it does the decoder. and it would apply to transcoding too. (is this not unlike the flac/vorbis paradigm winamp uses?)

surely, winamp must have figured out how to conquer the tower of babel when transcoding between formats yet keeping tags intact?

I would prefer a single plugin that could do it all, (apple lossless), separate from W.E. but i'll take whatever I can get. if some kind of Frankenstein monster of various existing pieces plus proposed pieces would work, that would be great.


maybe some help here?

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