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Yes, when alac.w5s is present then the Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer (in_mp4.dll) will see it and be able to decode/play any MP4/M4A files with ALAC audio content.

If the file extension is .alac, then ;ALAC will need to be added to the extension list in in_mp4 config,
and that's assuming it's just a renamed mp4 container
(I'm not sure if in_mp4 supports raw alac, maybe someone who's got some raw .alac files could confirm?)

As for encoding/transcoding, yes, a separate (currently non-existent) enc_alac plugin will be required.
As long as Nullsoft in_mp4.dll & alac.w5s are present, then everything concerning metadata should be ok...

Now that Apple has open sourced ALAC, we should probably think about at least getting native playback support into the Winamp distro.
I'm not sure about an encoder yet, but we shall see.....

(note, this isn't a concrete promise, the key words in the previous paragraph being "we should probably think about").
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