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thanks Egg,

and I hope winamp/TT will think about creating an ALAC encoder. this would be good for winamp, b/c there are a lot of people, like me, who want to be able to get their FLACs onto idevices.

afaik, converting (or transcoding on the fly during a xfer) from FLAC to ALAC is the only lossless (and tag-able) way to get FLACs into idevices or iTunes, short of inelegant and difficult hacks.

when you google about this, there's a lot of people seemingly looking for the ability, so it would serve as a way to bring those people to winamp.

btw, I don't have any ALAC files so I can't test anything, if anyone would like to post some raw ALAC and ALAC in a file with both m4a and mp4 exts, that would be great.

fyi, in the other thread, when they said "it works right out of the box?" and "sure" I think they meant "as long as the alac.w5s file is present" which they didn't directly say and led to my confusion. if I have that wrong, please correct me.

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