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Presets Not Showing Up in MilkDrop2

For some reason, certain presets are not coming up when I use the MilkDrop2 visualization that comes with Winamp 5.572, notably anything made by martin (Moonlight Splash, etc)

My desktop is able to use them fine, but my laptop has trouble.

So I thought, "perhaps its the installation of Winamp" so I reinstalled Winamp 5.572. No dice.

"Perhaps it is a setting that I changed on my desktop" so I copied the entire Winamp folder from my desktop to my laptop. No dice.

So I look through some of the presets, opening them with notepad and see what the differences are between the ones that do show up on the laptop, and ones that do not.

The ones that do not have this additional code above the [preset00] line:
with the last 3 line values changing.

Can anyone help me?
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