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Is "wwwaudiofile" field used by ANY player/program/service?

(Not a bug, but no one seems to care in Tech Support, and I know MrSinatra and others have some expertise. Sorry for the intentional post in the wrong forum area.)

Can anyone clarify if the WWWAUDIOFILE field (URL of the actual MP3 file) of the ID3v2 tags is read by any major players, programs or services.

I'm thinking about tagging the collection of OC ReMix with the URL each ReMix is located at, e.g.

But (if I remember correctly), this already obscure field has fallen out of use for security reasons (e.g. someone could embed a malware URL into that field and exploit a program that automatically directed to those URLs).

Is there any point at all to using this field? Is it supported? Even if it is no longer supported, was there any point when this field was read/displayed/used in Winamp or any notable interface (just curiosity's sake)? It seems like no, as far as a simple Google search may indicate:

Thanks for anyone who has any insight!
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