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thx for the correction and clarification.

i mentioned this in the PM but perhaps here is a good place to continue this idea... can you setup a place in the official wiki for me and Liontamer and DrO and yourself to try to map out a chart showing all the differing tag fields and frames winamp supports for various filetypes?

the idea would be to show that if using eg. "mp3 / id3v2.3" what fields and frames are read, and what ones are written to by default. that kind of thing.

it could also explain what happens if you have both TCMP and TXXX COMPILATION in your tags.

frankly i'm kinda confused by your last post... are they all "supported URL 2.4 frames" or not? i take it that on the id3v2 tab, the "URL" field writes ONLY to WXXX, is that correct? but are you then saying ANY of the above frames could populate that field? and if hey did, they'd be the ones written to?

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