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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
One thing at a time. At least we'll no longer be deleting the TCMP frame in 5.63
u know me, i'm pushy!

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
How does iTunes do it?
As far as I know, the value for TCMP can only be 1 or 0.
correct. you can not have the frame at all of course, or you can have it, and the value will either be empty (null), a 0, or a 1.

usually, itunes only uses the 1, but a 0 or nothing at all are both also valid values.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
If 0, then does iTunes delete the TCMP frame or does it set the value to 0?
my understanding is it sets the value to 0. 0 and null are NOT the same thing. (one could reasonably argue however, that a null value and not having the frame at all are basically the same thing)

but regardless of what itunes does, mp3tag and others allow for 1,0,or null, and other apps make use of that data in that way.

winamp doesn't do this, but a lot of apps have VA auto detection, where they compare artist info on an album, to try to determine comp status, (they look for any mismatch). so the 1 and 0 empower the user explicit over-ride control of such logics, and force the app/device to categorize it as def a comp, 1, or def not a comp, 0.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
What method does it use in the UI/Tag Editor? Is it just a checkmark for "Is compilation?"
in itunes you mean? i'll have to check that out on the wifes mac. WMP and windows has something similar btw.

but whether the format uses "TCMP" or "TXXX COMPILATION" or "is compilation" or "WM/COMPILATION" or plain old "COMPILATION" ...the values, as far as i can tell, are always 1,0, or null.

are you trying to figure out how to implement the UI in the winamp ML? you could just do two columns, one for 1, one for 0, if you wanted to control what data was entered in the value. but both columns could NOT be checked, and both must be allowed to be voided simultaneously.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
When checked, as well as setting TCMP to 1, does it then also auto set "Album Artist" to "Various Artists"?
now you're asking loaded questions!

basically, itunes invented TCMP out of spec and out of thin air. it did this b/c it did NOT support "album artist" or "TPE2" tags for a long time, well after it had TCMP. the TCMP tag was a flag for itunes to know to group stuff together, it performed the AA function.

itunes does now support TPE2 as = AA, but it does not fill in that field automatically. it just recognizes it now IF it is filled in, (by other apps). i'm pretty sure that even today, itunes won't fill in AA values via its online artist DB, even when auto-tagging. LAME? YOU BET!

i am pretty sure that if the TCMP flag is set to 1, this only means that the local itunes DB knows to use an "AA-like" value of Various Artists. it doesn't actually update the tag, it just updates the field in itunes DB. it might call it "Compilations" instead of VA, i'm not sure. like you, i hate itunes, so my exp is limited.

one neat thing tho, and this would be true in winamp, is that if you have both AA tags, and comp tags, you can easily group all comps together, regardless of AA tag values. in winamp, you would just sort in the ML by the comps column.

(i use many different AA values for comps, like a lot of other people do, to get things to sort where i want them. so a separate comp flag allows me to sort all my comps out to one place, gather them all together. pretty neat, and done without winamp supporting the tag beyond display and editing)

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
By the way, I'm not saying that this means anything further will be implemented, but if it ever is, then we'll need to know this information (seeing as I for one have never used iTunes before and never will, not even if Apple offered to pay me).
my itunes knowledge is somewhat stunted b/c i feel EXACTLY as you do. but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if i can get anymore info for you or clarify anything, and again keep in mind that winamp really needs to do this to properly support older idevices, or anything else that makes use of comp flags.

thx egg!

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