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Just clarifying y'all, I'm not worried at all about Winamp destroying the frames of the "WWWaudiofile" field (WOAF frame). I've definitely seen that it doesn't in my years of using it.

Not to detract from the direction the thread took (I like it), but I was looking for more information was whether any programs or devices actively read from/displayed that WOAF frame metadata to the average user.

If you played an MP3 with the WWWaudiofile field filled in, would any program you know of automatically open (or ask to open) that URL in a browser or offer up some sort of prompt that indicated to the user that the field was populated?
  • Hypothetical example, you a) played a file with the WWWaudiofile field populated and then b) Winamp's built-in browser would show a prompt asking whether you wanted to open up that specific page.

As far as I'm aware, no mainstream program or device has ever displayed or interacted with the WOAF frame metadata. It just seems to be an obscure field that only tagging geeks like me are aware of, but I could be wrong. It's implied here ( that Windows Media Player displays this in some fashion, but when playing or editing an MP3 with that data filled in, I don't see WOAF come up anywhere.

So (the reason I'm asking all this) would it somehow be to an average user's benefit for me to populate the WWWaudiofile field of the 2,000+ MP3s of OC ReMix when we re-release our community's collection later this year? Or should I not bother and just leave this field blank? It takes 2 seconds to script, but (more importantly) there needs to be an actual point for me to bother doing it. :-)
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