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There's a lot of 3rd-party plugins there, and yes, Safe Mode is meant to run without any of them,
though it is a beta feature so (although unlikely) it's maybe possible that some 3rd-party dll is still loading even in Safe Mode...?

I see that your settings are stored in the same dir as winamp.exe (as opposed to the default %appdata%\winamp dir).
Does your C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp dir have full admin rights (write permissions)?

Or was this a gradually-upgraded installation from an older OS (WinXP or earlier), where settings were stored in %ProgramFiles%\Winamp?
Or have you maybe accidentally deleted the %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\paths.ini config file (which makes Winamp store settings/database etc in %appdata%\winamp)?

Does disabling the "Allow 24bit" option make any difference (Prefs > Playback)?
Maybe one or more of your input/dsp/etc plugins isn't 24bit-friendly?

I would personally recommend using Koopa's Backup Tool to save settings/database/etc
then try a clean install of 5.7 beta without any 3rd-party plugins,
then start adding them & backed up settings back, and see if the problem returns at any point
(the last thing you restored will be the culprit).

Other than that, you could attach a HJT log... maybe it'll show something...?
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