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Hi TerraEpon,

Check your main Winamp plugins folder to be sure the error feedback plug-in (gen_crasher.dll) was installed. General Preferences can be used to view and modify this plug-in's options. These options include which error files to generate, whether to compress them into an archive (zip) file, what folder to save the error files in, whether and how to send the info, and other things. These options and more are saved in the "feedback.ini" file. This file should be in the Winamp plugins folder in your users - appdata - roaming folder. You can use Notepad to view and modify it. Do not modify any .ini files if you are not sure of what you are doing.

One of the addition options in the "feedback.ini" file is "SilentMode". When enabled (the default), it allows the error report generation and sending to be done without prompts. Even in silent mode, you should see brief pop-up messages showing the progress status of the error file(s) generation and an indication if the sending was successful or not.

If the error file(s) were made following a crash but were not sent (for whatever reason), you can send them manually as an email attachment to the address in the "feedback.ini" file.

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