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Hello Aminifu !

Thanks for the plug in, it seems to help, I have to do some more testing . I forgot to mention that I had the same problem with Winamp 5.65 last month, so I assume the version of Winamp has nothing to do with this. Anyway, we'll see !
By the way, I like the colorful look of this Winamp 5.666 !


Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit SP1
IE11 or FireFox (most recent edition)
Winamp Pro 5.666 . 3516
5.1 Cinematic Surround
Classic Skins (all fully skinned): Prototype, Remnant, Obsession
Modern Skins : cPro2 Dark Aluminum (Firefox 01 Color Theme)
cPro Erbium (Default Color Theme)
Visualization: Dr. Glitter (dr. Quite unknown, but based on fractals & in my opinion just as good as or better than Milkdrop, but in a different style. (They tell you you have only the basic version, please upgrade, but there's no upgrade, I assume they never made it!). What is nice is that it can be embedded in small Classic Skins, Soundspectrum viz's are great too but can't be embedded in a skin, like many other Winamp viz's.
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