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Hello Dr. O. & Aminifu !!

I'm a little late, but I had quite forgotten that I had written you, sorry !!

Yes, I'm using version 5.666.3516
Yes, I've downloaded the plugin "Skin Manager V 1.03", it works beautifully & looks like on the image in Aminifu's link !

The problem with finding a skin name has solved itself, it's back to normal now.

I just discovered your long & most interesting response dated April 5, 2014 ! Thanks for spending so much time on my superficial problems !

I agree with you that Joe's site is just a back-room with all the skins I remember seeing 10 years ago, many of them from the days of Winamp 2.1, with only 3 windows skinned, just like in all the other sites (, allwinampskins, etc...) the problem is that I collect only skins with the AVS skinned ((although I like some Winamp vizs, but not AVS, however many vizs such as Milkdrop or Flashes 2 (simple but nice in the dark if the music is
lively as it responds to the music) are quite pretty)), and they don't tell you if the skin is fully skinned, so if it isn't, I have to delete it after downloading it... so annoying !

Only on DeviantART can you find recent skins from 2013 or 2012, but you have to be logged in & in the search box, type "Classic Winamp Skins". You get over 1200 suggestions !(including 0 ye
However, if you type "Winamp Classic skins", you get barely a hundred suggestions !!!!!
WWaaoouuww !!
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