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Following. My message was sent inadvertantly !

I also wanted to say that what hasn't been fixed by itself, is the fact that Winamp crashes if I place 2 different Modern Skins one after the other ! If I place One Modern, One Classic and One Modern, fine !! One Modern followed by another Modern, Winamp crashes !! WILD !

You haven't received an "info report" because I DON'T KNOW what that is and how to make it !!!
I'm no geek, sorry !

Well, that's all for now... I'll make a point of reading your response promptly !
And did I tell you that I have 2 laptops, and have the same mysterious problems on both??

I use my Winamp skins as eye candies, I mainly listen to internet radio stations in streaming, I don't make music lists, so I don't care if the skin isn' functional, but this thing with the Modern skins is pretty annoying !

Take care.

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