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Ever since the days of fat, heavy 1600x1200 pixel glass-screen CRT monitors, I have been upset each time I have had to use anything that is less than 1200 pixels tall. Web sites scroll up and down a whole lot more than they scroll left and right. I get more web site in view depending on how tall the screen is, not so much wide.

My current screen is a 27" 1920x1200 bought in 2008, making it good for both the typical HD stuff and some additional height when I'm not viewing a video. 1920 is even wide enough for two web sites side by side without the need of a second monitor, which can be important for important decision making. I still use an old CRT monitor for a second monitor, placed on a lower shelf, but only so that I can drag-and-drop an educational video or cartoon or something for my little 2-year-old. Glass screens are mostly 2-year-old proof.

The price is actually decent for the model you are reviewing if you ask me. New sizes or in this case, newer form factors will cost more than traditional.

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