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FixLoop v1.3 [Test and add OGG audio loops]

Some of you guys may find this program I have made useful.

Supports LoopStart and LoopEnd tags.

I created FixLoop to help me create the audio files for FF7 - which required precise loops. With this, you can use "GoTo" and see how your loops sound - to see whether there is any popping/clicking and so on. It will also play audio files perfectly, something most players fail at with small audio files. Many formats can be played- but only OGG loops can be saved from the program. It isn't recommended (as far as I am aware) to use MP3 for loops anyway.

See the help file for more information. As this is a first major release, I suggest backing up any audio files before using the Save buttons (saves loop metadata) .

Download 1.3 here
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