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Karaoke to TV screen with CDG plug-in

I just noticed my last log in was 14 Jul 2015. A long time for not being here or needing the provided feedback. I have done some "Searching" through over 15 years of discussion. Every time I find something closely related, there is no replies. So, here goes with an attempt for some answers. Kinda simple, really. Must be something am overlooking as,I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed ... Lol.
First things first ... I recently installed winAmp ver. 5.666 Build3516 (x86) dated Dec. 12, 2015 AND the CDG plug-in on an older Dell Inspiron Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium for the OS. This laptop has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile so, it has multi display capabilities.
Now, my issue ... When playing Karaoke files, the screen (window) comes up with the karaoke lyrics so, I assume the CDG plug-in is doing what it should. I can move that window over to the TV in 2x or 3x but, as soon as I right click and select full screen, the full screen comes up on the laptop instead of on the TV. If I right click and click 3x, it goes right back where I had it placed on the TV.
A step-by-step to the correct settings would be greatly appreciated. Hell, maybe I just need a different plug-in. I know it can be done, I've used it on other systems before. I just don't know how to get there myself.
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