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I've just tested changing the primary display to the middle display on the top row and can confirm that the witnessed behaviour is now "reversed" with Winamp now docking correctly to the top row of displays and any attempt to dock to the bottom row resulting in Winamp docking to the top row. We of course no longer see the window hiding issue as it always docks to the top row now and there's no displays above it on the window Y axis.

This would seem to strongly suggest the issue relates to bad assumptions on the nature of the Y axis for window positioning in Windows. The top left of the primary monitor is always (0,0) and so depending on monitor topology and position of the primary monitor negative X and Y axis positions are absolutely possible.

Please let me know if I can provide any further help as it would be grand to get this fixed in a new release! This has all been tested on Winamp v5.63 Pro by the way.
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