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Multiple Windows Lockable Saveable Layout.

I Have A Great System Running in My ManCave of a Computer on the Bar with 3 Big Screens around the Room. Through Windows I can of course run different things on different monitors.
With WinAmp Classic Skin I can run Winamp and the Tracklist on the Bar, I can run a Visualizer On 1 Screen which I mirror to another Screen and Run Music Videos on the Big Screen. It looks Bloody Fantastic.
I would love to See Winamp Let Me open Multiple Windows that I could Resize an put anywhere. I could have 1 Big Video Window on my Big Screen, A Visulizer Window at the Bottom just for fun, on the side screens I could have 2 Visualizers, A Track List and a Video Screen, on the Bar I could have The Player The Track List and a Little Video Window.
So Yeah, My Request, Multiple Windows, Multiple Copies Of Windows, and once they are all set up looking amazing and brilliant, a Lock Button, and a Save Everything, right there Button.
Cheers All. Love Live Win Amp
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