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[help] Duplicates & android sync bugged


The first problem is simple : I have duplicates in my local library.
Indeed the files are in doubles in my folder, and the names are always a little bit different.
But it wasn't in doubles before.
It's important to know that I was using Itunes before, and at this time I'm sure I hadn't duplicates (neither physically in my music folder).

The seccond problem is that I use winamp to "sync and convert" to my Android and there is a big issue : It seams that if you check "activate the convertion for incompatible tracks" in the options, the converted tracks will not "match" the not-converted ones and winamp will always want to sync them again when I try to sync the next times (So I synced on only once :|).
btw. : I choose to convert the track with a bitrate higher than 128kbps only on my phone for storage saving.

I think the problems are linked.

Is there a solution ?
I really like winamp, but if I can't correctly "convert and sync" to my android without breaking everything...
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