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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Please can we see a screenshot of the root Rip & Burn view, when a blank disc is in?

If the drive(s) isn't/aren't grouped under the Rip & Burn parent node, then go to:

Winamp 5.5 > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Media Library (on left) > Tree Options tab (on right)
and checkmark "Group CD/DVD drives under the 'Rip & Burn' parent".

Then close Prefs, go back to the Media Library window,
click the 'Rip & Burn' item in the ML tree,
click the icon for the Available Drive with the blank CD in,
and take a screenshot of it (the info in the right pane)
and attach it to your post (see my attached example).
I uninstalled 5.5, but I can tell you this with an absolute certainty. I'm assuming in your screenshot that you are running 5.5. Well, in my case, and the same with all these users, The little tab that you have there that says "Rip & Burn" doesn't exist at all. The drives are just listed there.
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