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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Winamp 5.35 never used the IMAPI Service, but 5.5 does, if it's available.

If it's not available, then Winamp is supposed to fallback to Sonic (5.35 behaviour).

The reason why 5.5 attempts to use IMAPI first is for the new features where it reads the type of disc and displays it in the tree, eg. CD Recorder (for empty drive), Audio CD, Blank Disk, etc.

We also attempt to use IMAPI if just sending files to the burner via:
Select Playlist/ML item(s) > Send To > CD Burner on X:

So please confirm again that you definitely enabled IMAPI Service (set to Automatic, and Started the Service), then restarted Winamp, and there's still no Burn button.

Our logic here is that maybe the fallback to Sonic function is failing when IMAPI is disabled.
100% confirmed. I spent over 3 hours on just the IMAPI service last Sunday when I first discovered the problems.
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