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Originally Posted by Susansinkus View Post
I told u from the get go that I origibally had the Modern Skin I switched to Bento
just saying 'modern skin' doesn't mean anything. as Bento is a 'modern skin' and is why specifics are asked for like plug-in lists as that gives people the actual information needed for such 'issues'.

and yes no thanks to me that you're sorted but the point i'm trying to make is that if you'd provided a plug-ins list from the start (it's not just asked for no reason), you would have had a solution within 1 or 2 posts, not almost a full page f posts and i wouldn't have become grumpy that other users' time has been wasted (yours included).

but whatever, clearly i'm in the wrong again so that's me off the forums until i can get a better attitude.
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