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DrO's account has been on the forums nearly 10 years with 21,590 posts. I would hope that he wouldn't just end it all with a buried post in a random tech support thread, but the choice is entirely his.

To DrO, the amount of work is indeed more than anyone could ever measure accurately. Not even those of us that have benefited from it every day over the course of years are capable of fully appreciating it, because it's impossible to understand what went into it since we weren't there to see what went into it. Just know that most are thankful, and that there are countless users that love it and yet have never created a forum account to say so. It is a mostly thankless job, but it serves the greater good. I, for one, am very thankful for your work.

If you really do feel the need to remove your plug-ins, I would also like to pick up the latest versions first if you're willing to share.

I kinda wish DrO and others like him had the luxury of a leveled tech support system, where some users could screen and respond to mostly simple requests and then escalate or refer the more complicated ones to him. I think if I were in his shoes I would get a whole lot more frustrated with having to handling stuff that's already been addressed than he does.

It's almost like we need someone that doesn't mind being the one that provides the link to each already-addressed issue. Coming in with a new account and not knowing software well, it's a bit overwhelming to read tons of stickies while searching through a huge haystack to find the needle. Perhaps we need some sorta noob greeter. That might reduce some of the frustration that is often shown by people in DrO's position.

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