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I also find WA's artwork handling features confusing (as compared with what some other apps do) and not providing my desired result. Especially using WA to look for stuff on the WEB was/is more miss than hit for me. So I learned to step outside of WA for my artwork (and major tagging) needs.

Before I changed my file storage structure and began embedding all my artwork (not possible with 'true' wav files), I used Windows explorer to copy an appropriately named image file to each of my album folders. File naming must follow the following rules.

1. %album%.jpg/png/gif/bmp (where %album% is the exact name of the Album tag)

2. An .nfo file with the exact same filename as an image file in the containing folder

3. cover.jpg/png/gif/bmp

4. folder.jpg/png/gif/bmp

5. front.jpg/png/gif/bmp

DrO reports that "albumart.jpg/png/gif/bmp" will be supported in the next release of WA. The first rule will not work for 'true' wav files because they do not have an album tag (or any other tags). A nfo file is just a text file with that extension.

I used, and still use, various free 3rd party tools to download artwork from the WEB and now only use audio file formats that let me embed the image (WA looks for an embedded image first). So, no more renaming files and moving stuff around into 1 folder per album.

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