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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Empty folders are created in the temp "WinampBackupTemp" folder for files (and folders) I don't have in my configuration. I assume this is a normal part of BT's processing. In the process status report that scrolls by during a backup, it states (near the end) that empty folders are removed before the archive is made. This does not seem to happen, since these empty folders are included in the archive. Will restore mode create empty folders that are not already in my existing Winamp folders?
There was a Windows XP issue, XP couldn't handle the write process correctly, if the target folder doesn't exists. We (me and Pawel) changed the code to ensure, that all files will be written.

The tool has 2 functions to remove these folders, one is called on backup mode, the second for restoration mode. I wasn't able to re-implement that function yet.

Is the "plugin.ini" file supposed to be in 2 locations? My configuration only has it in one. Will restore mode place it in both locations? "
Yes, the plugin.ini is a common file used by some 3rd party plugins. Older plugins which do not support the multi user settings path will (always) write their config to a plugin.ini file in the Winamp\Plugins program dir. Other plugins which were updated for multi user paths will save their their settings in a plugin.ini file in your Winamp config dir (gen_yar for example).

So you can have 2 files in different locations, both are used for plugin settings.
That's one of the tricky things, which you cannot handle with a simple bat file. That is one of the advantages, the tool knows all these dependencies and handles them correctly.

If you look at the structure of the backup file, you can see, that there is a 'NonMultiUserFriendly' folder, which holds settings for old plugins, which always saved their settings in the program folder.

to know what to expect from restore mode.
That restoration does what it should. Extract any user given zip file correctly and restore the files.
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