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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
I never saw an icons subfolde ron my system and I'm not too sure about the cache folder either.
They are not part of the official structure then and should not be needed for Winamp's normal base operations. I'll monitor this area and try to determine how they got there. For now, I'll move them to safe keeping and watch for if and when they return following a Winamp session.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
I'm still working on a solution to prevent writing of these empty folders, I cannot reproduce it on my system, so it will be tricky.
Take all the time you need. The major work has been successfully completed. A single archive file for the backup is a very worthwhile improvement, imo.

Having a few empty program folders after a restore will not hurt anything. If something needs to be added to the empty folders that were removed from the users/appdata/winamp folders, I'm pretty sure they will be recreated as needed.

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