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How to config calendar.xml for a radio station?

Hello all

I use a external linux server for radio broadcast with autodj (whmsonic).
I try to configuration calendra.xml like this:

PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="playlist">
<playlist loopatend="0" shuffle="0" priority="1"> Promo</playlist>   
<calendar starttime="12:50:00" timeoffset="12:50:55" repeat="128"/>
and in sc_trans.conf

PHP Code:
when is look in diagram, i se this:

PHP Code:
msg:[calendarMgr]  Adding playlist event  m_playlist=Promo m_loopAtEnd=0 m_priority=1 m_shuffle=0  m_id=1 m_startDate=year:0,mon:0,mday:0,hour:12,min:50,sec:0,isdst:0,wday:0,yday:0 m_endDate=year:0
once arrived at the scheduled time, appear:

PHP Code:
msg:[playlistMgrCould not activate playlist Promo because not registered 
Someone tell me what is missing from the set that I did?
Thank you very much
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