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Originally Posted by djpete1959 View Post
Just an update.
No more crashes for me.
Using vis_chavs.dll as per my post above.
OS is Win 7 64bit
Haven't changed anything else, all my plugins work fine so seems for me this AVS version has solved my issues.
I was under the impression it was the convolution.ape causing crashing with AVS in OS's other than XP. I was able to run many presets in W7(in fullscreen)but many that relied on that .ape would crash avs. Does the 2.91 vis_chavs.dll really fix those issues on W7? I just downgraded an old W7 laptop to XP solely for AVS, lol.

Any benefit using the 2.91 ver in an XP box? I'm guessing 2.81d is still king on XP
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