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i think the buffer was enough to hold all the log;
the first line should have the command i run as well

i run from -> d:\dev\nsis\
in this last run i had -> scons SKIPUTILS="MakeLangId","NSIS Menu"

other directories needed are here and referenced in path
in this last run i had

im not sure yet if im doing something to add to this odd behavior;
scons doesn't like to work nicely on my Win7 pc for some odd reason,

i run it few times from a normal command window;
until it just refused to be recognized; jut like that!
no changes made other then close and open a new command window;

it didn't matter that i removed and installed it back; python is in path as needed,
i added direct path reference to \site packages\scons\
i did just about everything i can think of to make sure everything is visible;
yet scons remained un recognized; i had to pull VS command and work through it,

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