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Unable to connect to Shoutcast Server

Hello All

First of all I'm new to this so please excuse me if I don't understand things straight away.

I am trying to establish an internet based community radio station for near where I live.

For my playout system I am using a free programme called PlayitLive :-

PlayitLive is installed on a dedicated computer running Windows 10 Pro. All the music is loaded, the scheduling is organised and 'locally' the software and playout sounds great (through the speakers).

PlayitLive has a plugin which allows the software to stream the music over the internet :-

I've installed the plugin.

I've also registered a radio station at using the free option where I have to schedule two adverts to be played every hour. I've applied for a user account and have the following details which I've inserted in Playitlive's streaming configuration setting

Streaming server URL is "".

Port is "8000".

Stream ID is "913790".

I'm assuming that my RMO password is the same password I registered with on Shoutcast? What does RMO stand for?

For some reason I cannot get PlayitLive to connect to the Shoutcast servers. I have a really strong and stable internet connection (Fibreoptic - 25mpbs up, 60-70mbps down).

Do I need additional software installed and configured on the playout computer? Do I need another computer as a server? Could a firewall be interfering? Is there something I need to do with the router? Do I have to wait for Shoutcast to validate my account? If so how long does this typically take?

Any help would be very much appreciated as I have a deadline of 29th July to get the station on the air.

Many Thanks

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