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How to play MP4 videos in Winamp in Windows 10 ??

Hi !

I have Winamp 5.666 + Update patches and have downloaded tons of codecs, BUT I still can't play MP4 music videos in Winamp in Windows 10 !!
I have used the WMV videos instead, but the problem is that the screensaver that I use (ElectricSheep) won't start if I play a WMV video (it will start if I play a blank MP4 video!)In fact, none of my screensavers work with a WMV video, probably because somewhere there's a setting that prevents them from starting when a video is playing. If I could find that setting... !!
In Windows 7, no problem, all my screensavers run over downloaded you tube videos !!!

Please help, this is a nagging problem ! Victhor, you who seems to know everything about Winamp, no idea ?? And DJ EGG ??

Thanks for your time, Guys !

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