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Waiting for an answer that i´ve send on January 18, 2019 !!!!

Until now I didn´t receive any payment or an email with information about the ads on my radio.
Can you pls check this out?
This was on January 18, 2019.

Last month (5 months later) I received a reply that they sent my money to a PayPal account that does not belong to me.
They claim that the PayPal account is listed in my Shoutcast radio manager.

With this, I immediately made a screenshot of my radio manager with the proof that this claim is wrong.

After my last message with my proof, they stopped answering. No explanation, payment whatsoever. Complete silence on their part.

I think Shoutcast are scammers.
My question now is whether several people are experiencing the same thing???
DM or send your message below.
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