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So sad

I got a shock when I received the email today.
I've used Winamp on a daily basis since v1.x in the -90's and can't believe it's gonna die.
The only right thing to do for AOL is donate the source code, rather than just bury it.
It still has alot of potential.

Or at the very least, I would like to finally see a fully working open source Wasabi.player.
I know it wouldn't be the same, but if atleast Maki and the rest of the Wasabi codebase could finally be opened up completely, then the community could go from there, although I'm sure Wasabi and "classic" Winamp code is pretty tied together these days so it's probably not feasible.

But still. Something should be salvaged from this. Just hoping the current version runs forever doesn't cut it. We all know that will only last a few years at the very most.
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