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I have also a moon-photo, which I have edited with Lunapic (an online image editor). The .gif-images appear in my YouTube-Upload "KLAL! - Lied der Sterne pt. 2 (edited) ":

My photo-galleries in Facebook & Photobucket, Picasa & Google+ are updated so many times, if I have new photos. Recently I did a search for ".bmp" in D > SabineKlare2 > Bilder2. I have found some .bmp-files. I have edited a few of them. They are online, too. These are the 2 links:
The Facebook-Album currently contains 37 sub-albums, but like I said, the next photo-albums could come soon...

I made remixes of 2 own .bmp-files. Also I have many downloaded .png- & .jpg-files, incl. some very beautiful artwork from some other artists, for example the kaleidoscoped fractal album art with logo. I wasn't able to resist, I made a remix also from 4 .jpg-files from the other artist. The results are very interesting (although the pixel-sizes are very small), but I cannot share them. I have looked into the structures, and there is a difference between the .bmp-remixes and the .jpg-remixes. Maybe I will do some other image-remixes soon...

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