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It's a bit ironic, but the Winamp auto tagger was the best tagging system I ever used. I would guess about 95% of the information was correct. Same for the Audio CD tagging system, Gracenote did a good job for me.

I've used several different tools for ripping/tagging during the years and from my personal experience, I must say, that the results of other databases like FreeDB mostly sucked.
I haven't played much with MusicBrainz yet, but I think that it's worth to give it a chance.

Even if Gracenote has a great database, even if it's now part of Sony, there are a lot disadvantages with the service too.

Very high licensing fees as well as a pretty bloated SDK, that's the impression I got when I looked at all of the crash reports in the forums which are related to the Gracenote SDK or when I look at the large number and large file size of the libraries which are required for that service.

So let's wait and see how things will work in future.
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