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Good news Bad news

What a relief finding this post. I redid two desktops and when reinstalled Winamp doesn't work right any more. I have been trying for about a week to find out what I did wrong. Tried different versions, many, with same results. Is everyone in the same boat or just people who reinstalled. I am very sorry if I'm asking already answered questions but didn't want to read every post. I first noticed when I put in a commercial "store bought" CD and no track info, then also no auto tag for mp3s. Also won't autoplay CDs and will only play MP3 cds when I open files and manually drag them to Winamp. I am assuming all of these are from the same problem. I am a LONG time winamp user and it is the best. You can (could) do some many operations from the same program. Awesome. Many, many thanks to Dr. O and all the other team people for your posts. Saved me huge amount of time. Just sorry that such a great program had to end. Finally is there any way to get notified When winamp comes back
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