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WinAmp Auto Tag

1. I am glad you are out from under AoL.
2. I am very pleased to hear about the issue. I have been searching for a while for information about the non-functioning auto tag. I do understand the challenges and am grateful that you and the rest of the team are working hard on replacing the feature. It is very missed.

I have been searching for a program that can be used to look up the tag information and nothing compares to the WinAmp feature in simplicity and accuracy. Metatogger v5.1 has some nice features but its data base is limited and often cannot find the basic info of Artist and Title which is all that it seems to search for. Genre is also important as is the artwork.

Thank you and the rest of the staff there for your dedication to improve WinAmp and keeping it alive. It has been my favorite music program for many many years. Like so many others I would like it working again 'now', but proper coding takes time and we are looking at a total rewrite of the code, I do hope you keep the looks and ease of use of WinAmp in tact. What WinAmp does not need is a rushed, bug filled release (We have Microsoft Windows for that sort of thing ) Also, thank you for staying up to keep us informed about this issue.
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