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WinAmp is failing its patrons. What is the point of a computer audio player if it can't get our CD information? ASSUMING that everyone is primarily like me, and that we all PURCHASE our music, as opposed to PIRATING, wouldn't WinAmp APATHETICALLY IGNORING this issue nullify HALF of the PURPOSE of the PROGRAM?

I downloaded that mp3tag. But there was no option to read a CD! I opened the program, and it would let me drag and drop files in there....but not from a CD. I'm sorry, but why on Earth would I want to rip the CD BEFORE I GET THE FILE INFO? Uh, yeah, I think I'd like my music information kind of THERE before I put it on my computer, yeah? Kind of common sense.

Final Note: WINAMP should have their OWN Song Information Gathering Software.
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