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Winamp (not WinAmp as that hasn't existed for well over a decade) is not intentionally trying fail its users and I've tried to explain as best as possible what has happened, why it has happened and what we aim to do.

also it's not like its not possible to manually enter the information and as I always had to "correct" the information which was pulled down, I doubt it makes that much difference in time to input things (unless you were just assuming its all good and just blindly accepted the data).

rushing a fix is not going to help either and as I've done numerous times now, I can only apologise again and at least things are in a position where a fix can come (since if Winamp hadn't been sold, other than trying to reverse engineering things and patch that way, there would have been no option of a fix).

and although we've said a number of things, we may now also consider other options for data look up as a means to try to ensure that something will always be able to provide the best information which can be done, which adds more time to getting a working solution (which due to other things needed in the plater may take longer than initially intended). as its not that simple to provide a single dll / plug-in to alter the lookup aspects needed to get this (and other gracenote based features in the player working again).
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