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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and although we've said a number of things, we may now also consider other options for data look up as a means to try to ensure that something will always be able to provide the best information which can be done, which adds more time to getting a working solution (which due to other things needed in the plater may take longer than initially intended). as its not that simple to provide a single dll / plug-in to alter the lookup aspects needed to get this (and other gracenote based features in the player working again).
that's interesting DrO, so are you saying you are considering a system like EAC has where you can use different plugins to do look ups? (each plugin has its own prefs btw) I really like that if so!

with EAC, i normally use the freedb plugin, b/c that one cues the art lookup as well, but the CTDB plugin looks up multiple sources, including freedb, it just for some reason doesn't cue the art lookup (which i think is an oversight).

anyway, i'd love to hear if this is what you meant?

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