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Originally Posted by ShevvyCoon420 View Post
Final Note: WINAMP should have their OWN Song Information Gathering Software.
If they would do it, the database would be empty on start and people must fill it (the same thing which happened years ago with Gracenote, it's only as good, because million of people sent data over the years).

And who will fill the database then, people like you, who are expecting that anything just must work for free?

That's the downside of nearly any online servive, it can be dead over night, hence that's why i never would use any cloud service etc. Gracenote is a commercial company > no license = no cd lookups.

I think there is no need to apologize, DrO explained a few times, why it isn't working anymore, you can live with it and wait for a newer Winamp version, or you can use an alternative cd ripper. That's up to you.
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