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Winamp labeling most songs as Psychobilly

Hello, a few days ago, I updated from Winamp v5.666 to 5.8 (Actually, I'm not sure what version I had previously, but I think it was 5.666).

For the past few days, every time I've added a new song, Winamp sets the genre to Psychobilly for some reason and I don't know why. Usually, I just go into the metadata and delete it. As of today, I'm now having an issue where I can't even remove it anymore. I check the metadata for the affected songs (In both Winamp and Windows Explorer) and the genre section is blank, but yet Winamp still displays songs as Psychobilly at the top.

Now, almost every song is labeled as Psychobilly; even songs that were added before I updated Winamp. There are a few songs in particular that don't have the Psychobilly genre labeling, however.
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